About Readings:

All Readings are private and confidential , A psychic reading gives you the insight and clarity to all of your life's issues so that you make the right choices in your life.


Readings & Pricing:

Palm Reading - $20. is a general reading that allows questions with limited time.

Tarot Card Reading - $30. a tarot card reading, is a good reading understanding the outline of your future path and answering your questions.

Psychic Reading - $50 is a life reading, giving insight predictions and guidance.

(Full life Energy) Aura Reading - $75 (Most Popular Reading) this reading gives you future predictions on your love life health marriage career & soulmate and allows you to ask any questions that most concerns you involving all matters of life.


Scheduling Appointments:

Call now, to set up an appointment for a psychic session at our (Orlando office) or if you prefer a psychic session by phone you can get an appointment also for this, please call for an appointment, it is necessary to respect your time and all other clients that have there scheduled appointments.


The Perception oF a Psychic:

A psychic is someone with extra sensory perception (ESP for short). He or she is able to ‘read’ or sense things most of us are unable to pick up. Abilities such as clairvoyance, the ability to ‘see’ visions and describe people and places, or the ability to ‘hear’ information from paranormal sources, develop differently in psychic individuals, and many specialize in one or two methods in which they excel. In this way they are able to ‘read’ what surrounds you, and what might be approaching, just as tribal shamans are able to sense when visitors are approaching, even though they may be a very long distance away. During a reading, a psychic reader aims to tune in to you, and those closest to you. In this way they hope to help you understand what’s going on and what the likely results will be.